Bad Beat Guard (BBG) tables are designed to protect players in All-in situations from Bad Beats.

In the following example, you are Player4 and cannot see the cards belonging to Player2 (shown here for illustration purposes only).

TABLE DETAILS:  Bad Beat Guard is set at 70.0%. (This means BBG is activated only if the winning odds for your hand at All-in are 70% or higher); NL Hold'em; Blinds $10/$20.

Slide 1: Blinds posted, Player3 folds, Player4 raises $90 with A♦A♠.

Slide 2: Player5 folds, Player1 (SB) folds, and Player2 (BB) calls with 6♠6♦.

Slide 3: Flop is dealt 7♥ K♦ J♣ (Main Pot is $190).

Slide 4: Player2 raises $50, Player4 goes All-In with $310.

Slide 5: Player2 calls (Main Pot is $810).

Slide 6: With players All-In, the winning odds percentage for each player is displayed. Player4 has a winning chance of 91.62%. Player2 has a winning chance of 8.38%. Since 91.62% is over 70%, the BBG is activated.

Slide 7: With 2♣ appearing on the turn and 6♥ being dealt on the River, Player2 hits Three of a Kind and has a winning hand. Player4 qualifies for BadBeatGuard action. 

Slide 8: Player4 is refunded $400 from the pot for a Bad Beat. The winning player, Player2, is then awarded $410 (the remainder of the pot).

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