HTML5 Mobile Client

The HTML5 Mobile Client will provide mobile ready content and layout to enjoy your favorite Poker game on Android and iOS devices. Should you wish to use instant play options from your desktop please choose our FlashClient which is available via this link

When opening the URL 

or scanning the following QR Code

on/via your mobile device you will be asked if you wish to place the application on your homescreen for convenience. 

After following the instructions you will find the app placed on your homescreen. 

Altough there is no need to add the app to your homescreen this feature is usuful to simplify future access to the application. Also you will, depending on your device, have less or no browser specific navigation to interfere with your gaming experience. 

When you click on the icon, the application will start. You may then choose the applicable game type and start enjoying this brand new HTML based mobile Poker experience. 

In order to accomodate a large variety of different mobile devices, ranging from iPhone 4 - 6, iPads and most of the recent Android devices the table of Riversource has been designed in a very particular way. The textual representation allows clear and easy navigation even on the smallest screens. 

System requirements: 

Altough the application will run on a variety of browsers and devices, the preferred and recommended web-browsers are Chrome and Safari. Also the application will run on device and browser combinations that support secured websockets only. iOS